1. Hellow sunshine!

    I have to admit this bow tie is my favorite accessory since I bought it a few days ago! The retro touch & the amazing fabric makes the whole outfit so special I think. When we were taking this pictures, I had the feeling like I was in Paris. With my hat on & this rough leather jacket…1 word…
    indescribable! Have you ever felt like this before? :)

    Today we have a very ‘hot’ day, I mean if I compare it with the past week, 20° is a lot! We will enjoy the sunny weather, you too? Tell us about it!
    See ya soon!

    ps. Yesterday, we also made some new outfit pictures & I’ve bought some amazing things (leather jacket & a nice necklace)! SOON ON THE BLOG BEAUTIES!


    Jacket: T2
    Bow tie: T2
    Hat: H&M
    Pants: Zara
    Blouse: New Look
    Shoes: Zara
    Blazer: Zara

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