1. Hi sweeties!

    We are still working on our blog! But we don’t blog as much as we used to do. But anyway, this outfit gives you an idea of Yana’s winter style!


    Coat: Pull&Bear
    Jeans: H&M
    Jeans shirt: Zara
    Boots: online


  2. Our last outfit during our trip in Paris!
    It’s a late late lategram guys!

    But we made some new outfit pictures that we will show you later ;-)

    Big kiss,


  3. Hi sweet followers!

    As you can probably see, we are not updating as much as we should. This is because we have an extreme busy year! Violetta is working really had to get her diploma! And without my partner in crime I can’t do anything. This is our blog so we have to work together. I don’t want to change the winning team, do you understand what I mean? After all the study chaos we will be back! In the meantime I will be blogging occasionally. If you have any requests, don’t hesitate to ask! You can also follow me on FB and Instagram.

    So today I’ve planned to show you this last outfit we took a wwwhile ago. Maybe it’s not relevant any more but still a bit inspiration does not hurt!

    We wish you a great day!

    Leather jacket: Pull&Bear
    Jeans: Zara
    Boots: New Look



  4. New outfits will be soon on the blog! #paristhrowback

    Photo: Elke Vanden Bossche


  5. THE DAY AFTER— Hi guys! Can you believe that it’s 2014 already? Me and Violetta had a wonderful time yesterday! As I told you we’ve had a dinner with some friends! And after that we went to the city for some drinks! Did you have a good time? We hope you did!

    We wish you a lot of creativity and fun in 2014!
    Let’s make the best out of it!



  6. Hi dear readers!

    We hope you’ve had an amazing 2013 and that 2014 will be a joyful year!
    We wish you all the best in 2014! And hope you will have a wonderful start of the year! We will bring you more fashion and fun next year!
    Today we are having a dinner party with a lot of friends! We are super thankful to have this people in our lives! Thank you guys for the support!

    This is what we are going to wear tonight!
    Yana is wearing her number one dress from La Fille en Rose! Best buy this year! Violetta is wearing a skirt and a blouse from Zara, some glitter on her nails and black earrings!

    Have an amazing 2014!

    Yana & Violetta


  7. We wish you a very merry Christmas!
    Enjoy this wonderful time and think also about the people who are less fortunate.